Ways in which I observe the world, and create with intention

Reading for artists

For the past few months, I’ve been exploring ways in deepening my practice as a creative. Naturally, I’ve picked up a few books along the way.


You Are A Dream

Of all the books I’ve read (I haven’t read them all completely), this is the one that had the most impact one me.


The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Creative Battles

This book talks about RESISTANCE and really resonated with me, as it’s one of my struggles as a creative.


You Are A Message

By the same author of You Are A Dream, this book is filled with pages of quotes and meditative thought explorations to think about related to your art practice.


Plan and Play, Play and Plan: Defining your Art Practice

This book seems to be appealing more to a certain type of higher-end gallery artist. I’m not sure if I exactly identify as that kind of artist, but there are many exercises that I found useful as a guide to how I might go in the direction of where I want to be as an artist.


The Artist’s Way

I’ve only started this one but have been enjoying it so far. It’s a mini workshop in a book.