Ways in which I observe the world, and create with intention

2019 Intentions


During the new year, people like to focus on creating new goals and intentions. I like using the word intentions as goals can have the tendency to be unrealistic. They focus on external achievements set in future, while intentions focus on the present workings of the inner self that can be lived everyday.

For New Years this year, I went with a small group of friends up north to a friend’s ranch to ring in the new year. We danced, played, kept warm with lentil soup, sipped on tea, kept warm around a fire. I was able to lead the opening circle, and intentions for the evening, and the new year.

I created these laser-etched illustrations on stained white oak wood. The illustration had been part of a series I was exploring on meditative illustrations. Each one is related to an action that is related to mindful living and what we experience in everyday life. This one is Opening.

Around the holidays, people like to focus on giving. But what about receiving? I think it’s equally as important to think about how you receive… do you do it in vain or humility? What would you like to receive more of in the new year, and how will you go about it? I instructed new and old friends to write on the wooden card whatever this might be. Afterwards, we went around in a circle and talked about what we had written down.

For me: mental clarity, focus, and greater self-awareness was something I wanted to explore leaning into more for the coming weeks.

Intentions are not set in stone. Sometimes when we pursue them, we may we want to modify, add to, or even change our original intention if we find that it’s no longer what’s right for us anymore (and that’s okay!). Change is growth is life.

The reason I created these wooden cards is to have our intentions set as a tangible reminder, something that we can see in our environment and be reminded of as we begin our day.