Ways in which I observe the world, and create with intention



When traveling, my favourite things are not in the monuments, the food, or the museums (although I definitely do indulge in them!). It's savouring the simple pleasures.

For Amsterdam, it was found in: being surrounded by a network of cyclists of all ages, learning the word "gezellig" from a friend a met up with over glühwein, walking through canal streets at night and hearing the sounds of Dutch everywhere (still, it would be even better to understand and know what they talked about), conversing with the cashier at The School of Life, meeting up with another friend to dance to Mind Against at Shelter (where they cover up your phone's camera flash before you go in), the way the waitor at Greetj described whatever dish he placed in front of us, acquiring reading material from Foam for the train ride to the next city...


It's doing the things I love in my spare time—perusing bookstores, farmers markets, people watching and sketching in public spaces, writing in cafes—in familiar yet new settings. The pleasure of Otherness; stepping out of your ordinary everyday character, and still playing with one that has varying levels of familiarity, one that is still "you".


Found text in the city:

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