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Cooking with Sylvan Mishima Brackett


Last night, I attended a cooking class with Sylvan Mishima Brackett (chef and owner of Rintaro) at the San Francisco Cooking School. It was lovely getting to know him and his background, as I had enjoyed my visit to his restaurant several times before.

Some highlights for me was learning fish butchery and Japanese knife skills, making tofu from scratch, and grating fresh wasabi root!

Wasabi root from Half Moon Bay

Wasabi root from Half Moon Bay


We snacked on gyoza and korokke while cooking:

  • Yosedofu (House-made silken tofu with meiji soy milk, scallion, ginger and shoyu)

  • Gohan (Rice cooked in a clay pot)

  • San Ten Mori Sashimi (Seasonal Sashimi)

  • Kinki No Nitsuke (Whole Monterey rock cod simmered in sake, shoyu and ginger with komatsuna greens)