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Montreal Bagel Brunch


A few weeks ago I visited Montreal, the city where I lived for a year; where I first dived into interaction design work, and where I first discovered my love for electronic music.

I came back with two bags of bagels from the two most coveted bagel shop: half a dozen from Saint Viateur, and another half from Fairmount Bagel. I decidedly stuffed these bags into my carry-on because I wanted to share them with friends back home so that they could experience a bite of Montreal back in San Francisco.


I hosted a Montreal bagel brunch with lots of fix-ins. To spread— cream cheese, avocado, orange marmalade, spicy tomato chutney. To top with— hot cherry peppers, olives, carrot lox. An abundance of fruits on the side. I even managed to make a vegan sweet potato poutine for the first time!

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